Website Development & Hosting, Phoenix Gas Home Care

Project Overview

We developed a new website for Phoenix Gas Home Care using a WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Our Graphics Designer revamped the branding, and our Front-End Developer contributed to coding and designing the website, enhancing its responsiveness and functionality. We chose the WordPress CMS due to its user-friendly features, enabling the client to add and manage their content effortlessly.

Phoenix Gas Home Care logo.
New company logo

The website showcases the company’s accreditations, service offerings, ongoing contracts, and a contact form for potential customers to inquire. To ensure ease of use, we maintained a simple and accessible design, enabling users to make enquiries seamlessly. We took charge of hosting and security through our secure servers, guaranteeing the website’s safety and protection against external threats. Following discussions with the client and a review of website analytics, we deduced that the majority of Users would access the site via mobile devices. Hence, we optimised the website for mobile use and ensured responsiveness across all screen sizes.