Digital Transformation, KPMG

Project Overview

KPMG was relatively new to the realm of multi-device application development, having recently extended access to their internal applications via mobile and tablet devices. Consequently, there emerged a crucial demand for comprehensive guidance in both the design and development aspects of their new and existing applications. This project entailed a transformation of existing forms, ensuring their compatibility with various devices and facilitating the transition towards a paperless financial services model. Our collaboration with the front-end development team yielded a modernisation of forms and processes, thereby enabling the seamless display of services and information across all devices. In addition to prioritising clarity, we ensured robust accessibility, functionality and responsiveness to elevate the overall User Experience.

Project Success

Our contract supporting the “Going Paperless” regime at KPMG, built and designed a task management dashboard for eRestructuring. The stack was a .net MVC application with an inhouse JavaScript framework comprising of UI components responsible for organising, paging and filtering work items. Our node.js API layer allowed for the data to be retrieved as a part of the .net MVC application to build the model and present it using the UI JavaScript components. The successful delivery resulted 90% of paper usage in eRestructiring.