Movement Recording System, EID Cymru

Project Overview

Our team designed an electronic sheep and goat movement recording system for the EID Cymru website. This involved a User Experience Design process to produce a system that was highly responsive and in accordance with GDS standards. We used an accessible colour contrast pallet to meet WCAG 2.1 AA standards, and audited the system using Wave and Axe. We used HTML placeholders to switch the content from English to Welsh for website users that needed translation. Once complete, the project worked in both languages and could be toggled to meet the needs of the User.

Language toggler options.

User Research

We successfully elevated the existing User Interface by integrating User Needs taken from feedback and research sessions. Our approach prioritised inclusivity, catering to the requirements of all users. We conducted manual testing, evaluating the interface’s compatibility with assistive technologies such as Dragon, ZoomText, and ChromeVOX. By combining these tools, we addressed the multifaceted needs of users relying on assistive technology. Adobe XD played a pivotal role, facilitating the creation of high-fidelity mock-ups of website graphics in an editable format. Our prototypes seamlessly transitioned to platforms like Figma and Sketch, fostering team-wide accessibility to the designs. To encourage collaboration and map out the User Interface, we employed Miro — a versatile collaborative whiteboard platform.

Agile Delivery

Our agile delivery approach, fortified by collaborative tools and user-centric design principles, has proven instrumental in achieving remarkable results within budget and timescale. By meticulously incorporating user feedback and conducting thorough research, we optimised the User Interface to align precisely with user needs. This comprehensive testing, which encompassed diverse assistive technologies, ensured a seamless experience for all users. Our adept utilisation of Adobe XD and the seamless adaptability of our prototypes further streamlined the design process, promoting efficient collaboration across the team. The use of Miro as a collaborative platform not only facilitated brainstorming but also ensured meticulous planning of the User Interface.

Throughout this journey, our commitment to agile delivery has not only yielded outstanding outcomes but also reinforced our dedication to user satisfaction, accessibility, and innovation.