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Project Brief

Utilising our extensive GDS experience, we are currently in contract with SYMCA to evaluate and rebuild existing services, ensuring their websites are WCAG 2.1 AA and AAA compliant. We conduct multiple accessibility audits using Wave and Axe , identifying any issues and bugs with colour-coordinated severity levels. Manual testing for the website is done with Dragon, ZoomText and ChromeVOX. Additionally, we employ a progressive enhancement strategy for all interactive elements on the website. Monthly accessibility and content audits ensure thorough analysis to enhance the functionality and responsiveness of each webpage.

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Digital Rebrand

The brief for Sheffield City Region (converted to SYMCA) was initially to provide the council with a rebrand that allowed it to be digitally accessible to WCAG AAA 2.1. Their colour pallet had over ten “brand” colours, each with multiple shades used randomly throughout their website. The website itself contained hundreds of accessibility issues, including colour contrast failures throughout. We took the colours most used as an organisation, as well as the colours used in printed media. After our initial analysis, we produced a slim, accessible pallet of 4 colours with examples of placement (such as printed materials and digital branding), along with uses accompanied by colour contrast results with text sizes and background colours.

We developed brand guidelines for SCR during the time they changed to SYMCA, providing them with a new style that was more accessible and recognisable. We ensured the branding and logo was WCAG 2.1 AA and AAA compliant as per the specification. Upon providing SYMCA with a new website, we refreshed their current identity and made the website more aesthetic and user friendly. UX and UI was then researched in detail so that the website appealed to all Users with reference to the User Journeys we conducted.

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