Accessibility Audit, ESFA

Project Overview

We were tasked with an accessibility audit to GDS standards for the ‘Understand Your Payments’ Service on the ESFA Apprenticeships services. The service was GDS reviewed and approved from Discovery to completion in an Agile environment. We designed the service for Users with mixed levels of digital literacy, providing a solution to people on all areas of the Digital inclusion scale. This was done by simplifying the tone and vocabulary of subject-matter experts, helping Users from all backgrounds understand their payments easily. The service was designed with continuous iterations and a User Experience prototype, ensuring mixed levels of English and digital literacy were accommodated.

Agile Delivery

We harnessed Agile to reduce risks, boost team morale and maintain continuous improvement throughout the project. User-based research was examined to inform changes and enhancements to the service, ensuring a quality system with clear functionality and usability. Together we designed and presented meaningful data using GDS design components, patterns, and UX/UR iterations. This resulted in an interactive prototype before project completion that could be tested to ensure a successful MVP. After the deployment to Live, we received positive feedback from Users who were surprised at the usability and responsiveness of the service. We were also praised by Stakeholders for creating the product on time and within budget.

“Wow, this is amazing, I can finally understand how I’m being paid by the ESFA”

ESFA Service User