Website Design & Hosting, Midlife Food Guru

Project Overview

The owner of Midlife Food Guru has a dedicated content writer who also serves as an editor, primarily needing post and page access. Our ongoing responsibility involves the continual development and design of her website, guaranteeing that any issues or bugs are promptly addressed. The WordPress platform is consistently maintained at the latest version and designs are seamlessly integrated to align with the owner’s needs and preferences. To facilitate her autonomy, we organised workshops aimed at equipping the client with the skills to independently publish and update diverse content forms, including text, images, videos, and downloadable resources. Our approach has empowered her to carry out these tasks confidently, further complemented by a PDF guide we provided. This document offers a step-by-step breakdown complete with links and images, serving as a comprehensive reference.

Midlife Food Guru website logo.

Content Management

In crafting the content management aspect, we harnessed our expertise in Government Digital Service (GDS) principles. This allowed us to design goal-oriented tasks paired with meaningful explanations, ensuring the client could effortlessly publish content-rich recipes with minimal training. Our solution not only prioritised functionality but also aimed for a self-explanatory interface for content management. Leveraging our substantial experience and understanding of user needs, we ensured the system was intuitive and adaptable. This approach aligns with our commitment to delivering solutions that perfectly cater to User Needs and client expectations.