Website Development, Scottish Government

Project Overview

In the development of the Scottish Government website, we engaged in front-end development within an Agile framework to create the Alpha version of the public sector services website. Our role encompassed the design and construction of the website, employing strategies and adhering to best practices that align with the government’s standards for progressive enhancement, with a focus on web accessibility.

To ensure compliance with accessibility standards, we conducted an accessibility audit using tools such as AChecker and automated mechanisms, aiming to meet the WCAG 2.0 AA criteria. Within the Agile methodology, we planned Sprints, refined the Backlog, and crafted User Stories to guide the team’s efforts effectively. Throughout the project, our technology choices were not only informed by technical considerations but also took into account budget limitations, which played a pivotal role in shaping our approach.

Additionally, we assumed the responsibility of evaluating tenders from external agencies, ensuring their alignment with the contract’s specifications. This comprehensive approach allowed us to not only develop a functional and accessible website, but also ensure that it met the Scottish Government’s high standards and budgetary constraints.