Website Design & Hosting, Shaw Farm Stud

Project Overview

Our team delivered an effective content migration from a client’s existing site into a new WordPress theme for the Shaw Farm Stud website. Due to both sites being in WordPress, the data from the old site needed to be exported securely without losing key content. We encountered the challenge of not having access to the original database. This required a site-crawling software that indexed, converted and downloaded content to html pages, including images. Any errors were logged and manually rectified, resulting in 100% of the original content migrated to the new theme using a bulk CSV importer. The client is now in a production environment on our A+ UK hosted server. As part of our ongoing commitments, we ensure their production environment is as stable as possible, and any changes to either environment or product go through our deployment process for a clean and secure transition to Live.

Website Rebrand

The Shaw Farm Stud logo was designed using the Cinema 4D application which enabled easier scalability and manipulation of lighting/colours. A rider on the logo could be also added on or removed to suit the needs of the client. We use certified Pantone colour calibrated equipment to ensure all printed material is as accurate on screen as it is in real life. The online logo was embroidered on staff clothing, horse saddles and company vehicles as part of the full-scale implementation. This included adding the logo and colour scheme across the website, Facebook page, and £1 million touring bus shown below.

Shaw Farm Stud touring bus.