Website Design & Hosting, Vavasseur Antiques

Project Overview

One of our oldest customers, Vavasseur Antiques, has a website originally built on WP 4.7 (2016) which is continually updated and maintained by our team. Our duties involve keeping the WordPress updated to the latest version, installing Plugins to ease content creation, and maintaining the server it occupies. We also renew the SSL certificates periodically for the security of the website and its Users. The server itself is A rated on and is updated and backed up on a monthly basis by our team so that new content is stored safely. Antivirus software is also installed as part of our hosting package to keep the website safe from external threats.

Vavasseur Antiques Homepage 2021

New Website Launch

In December 2022, we embarked on a redesign and launch of a fresh WordPress website for Vavasseur Antiques, aimed at enhancing their portfolio’s design and branding. During discussions with the client, we introduced a new theme that allowed them to create templates for their portfolio items which could be easily used for individual item pages. Our primary challenge involved transferring content from the previous website, including media galleries, portfolios, and categories. This content was seamlessly migrated into the new theme, and the updated portfolio design was applied consistently across all items. Additionally, we focused on enhancing the website’s accessibility by refining the colour contrast of headings displayed in front of featured images.

Vavasseur Antiques new website portfolio

The new website launch brought significant improvements to the User Experience. Navigating through the portfolio and discovering items has become more intuitive, thanks to the streamlined design, user-friendly templates and site-wide keyword search. Vavasseur Antiques now finds it considerably easier to generate and showcase portfolio content. The templates have simplified the process, allowing for consistent and efficient creation of content across their items, ultimately enhancing the overall presentation of their portfolio.