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User Experience Design

Our Senior UX & UI Consultant is proficient in User Experience interaction design techniques and he mentors the team on how User Needs and behaviour should influence the design of each project. Empathy for the User is critical to the Department for Education T Levels service because of the diverse User demographic. We create User Personas from authentic User feedback so our designs are compatible with the personality and expectations of each User. Usability testing is conducted weekly, where User interaction is observed to inform and streamline User Journeys. The evaluation of User activity is discussed with the team to continuously enhance the prototype.

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Agile Service Delivery

We have strict timelines for the rapid delivery of digital products which compel us to plan, document and communicate the design process clearly and concisely. We create detailed tickets on Jira, explaining the problem, what we want to happen, and the solution if available. All tickets have individual codes for traceability. Daily meetings are conducted on Teams between designers and developers. User feedback workshops also keep the designers continuously informed to meet User needs. Our two-week Sprints ensure processes remains quick and efficient, with User stories and prototype progress documented on Jira to provide developers with an ongoing focal point.

The project began with a Discovery phase, where we identified the problems and constraints of the T Levels system with reference to technology and guidance. Solutions and improvements were then communicated and presented to the team before releasing an Alpha, where we weighed up the benefits of the solutions against the cost. Alpha allowed us to try and test possible solutions in a GDS design system prototype. Successful solutions were then brought forward to Beta phase for testing before release.

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